Artificial Intelligence Websites?

What would you think of websites that designed themselves ?

No more having to decide on a format or template to use.
No more having to find just the right colors for your site.
No more having to find the right font style and size.

What if you could just post some text, maybe an accompanying image, and any other information and everything else was done for you?

Background colors would automatically adjust to blend in with your photographs. The layout would automatically update and change as content changed for easy reading. Menus and navigation would update as needed.

As easy to use as a social website for publishing, and responsive to work on all device types and sizes.  Each account can be used to publish on up to 7 domains for the same price each year.

It's been around for a couple years now and we have a Founding Members Account to try it out.  We'll be building a sample site or two in the upcoming year so our readers can see what it's all about.

You can take a look at features and options more in depth here:  TheGrid

Be sure to check back here on Webmaster News frequently as we post updates on our development process with links to our sites.

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