Xara Designer Pro X Major Update Released!

August 2016

The latest release of Xara Designer Pro X (Version 12) has just been released.

For web development there a new scrolling animations, new and improved media player using HTML5 capabilities, enhanced "On Reveal" animations, more parallax scrolling effects,

Xara Designer Pro offers a full suite of tools for Photo & Graphic Design, photo galleries and effects, brochures, grids, and lots of new "SmartShapes" for both web and print that you can visually show graphics and numbers to get the point across.

If you recently purchased Xara Designer Pro this is a free upgrade, and there are nice discounts for owners of earlier versions. If you are new to Xara or want to upgrade from a competitors software there are some special offers available.

Hurry though - these Special Incentive won't last forever.
Click Here to take a look!

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